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Care & Warranty
Care & Warranty
Care & Warranty


Fine wood instruments must be cared for and maintained in order to retain excellent playability and value.

Always protect your instrument from extremes in temperature and humidity. Never leave the instrument in a closed motor vehicle or any environment where temperatures are below freezing or above 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit).

Maintain relative humidity at 45 to 50 percent.

Never use strings of a heavier gauge than the instrument is designed for.

Release tension from strings when your guitar is stored or will not be played for extended periods.

Always use a qualified repair person for repairs or alterations such as pickup installations or strap button installations.

Use a high quality case designed to protect your instrument when traveling. This is particularly important for commercial shipping and airline travel.

Cleaning: Never use detergent, cleaning fluids or anything containing silicones or abrasives. Use only a soft cloth dampened with clean water and wipe the guitar dry immediately afterwards with a soft dry cloth.

Wipe the strings with a soft dry cloth after playing.


Congratulations on your purchase of this fine instrument.  All guitars are
produced using fine tone woods and the utmost care is taken in their
construction.  In order for an instrument to produce optimum sonic qualities,
construction is delicate and therefore, the owner must undertake proper
care and maintenance for continued playability and value.  Wray Guitars (WG)
warrants to the original purchaser that guitars produced by WG will be free
of defects in workmanship or materials for as long as the original purchaser
owns the guitar or the life of the builder.  Proof of purchase is required.
This warranty is not transferable and does not cover damage caused by
neglect, accidents, misuse or normal wear and tear.  Specific exclusions
include but are not limited to:

~ exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity
~ installation of strings heavier than medium gauge
~ alterations or repairs of any kind not carried out by Wray Guitars or
   an approved luthier
~ strings
~ frets or fret board wear
~ finish wear, scratches or nicks

Electronics or any items used in the construction of this instrument that
are not manufactured by Wray Guitars are not covered by this warranty
however, these items will carry the OEM warranty.  When applicable WG
will endeavor to resolve any problems that may arrise within that 
manufacturer's warranty period.

Validity of warranty claims will be determined at the sole discretion of 
Wray Guitars upon inspection of the instrument.  Shipping and insurance
costs are the responsibility of the owner.  Repair and or replacement of
components of the instrument shall be done with like materials appropriate
to the job and will be subject to availability.

Wray Guitars assumes no responsibility for loss of revenue or incidental
costs should the instrument be unusable for any reason.

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