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Tommy Emmanuel

First, I have to say that Tommy does not own or play one of my instruments (yet?). I mention Tommy because I am a huge fan and recently attended one of his concerts in Seattle where he graciously took one of my "000" guitars for a test drive.  Not only did he try the guitar out but he subsequently gave his permission to post a YouTube video of him playing it and his comments. I can not tell you what a thrill that was for me.  Please, check out the video if you have time, here is the link; 


Sam Roberts

Hey Tom,
hope all is well. We just got back from tour in the U.S. and I'm looking forward to re-igniting the 
fire.... Adios for now amigo, stay well. Sam

"When Tom Wray builds a guitar it is a labour of love. I had played a few of his acoustic guitars 
(or rather they played me) and was deeply impressed by the sound, the feel and the detailed craftsmanship of the instruments. But when he makes your guitar, the journey begins further back, with just the raw materials and the man's vision, pieces of lumber still looking for a shape. Tom had me knocking on all different types of wood, listening for things I didn't even know one could or should listen for, we planned out the size and shape from scratch and worked all the way down to the smallest detail. And now I have the "Gamma Wray,"  - at least that's what I call her, and she's MINE so why shouldn't I!!!"

James Anthony Pecchia

000-cc (custom contour) with personalized floating pick guard in Indian Rosewood 

Sat 11/15/2008 11:11 AM
Awesome work Tom! Terry just dropped it off. Its a piece of art...Even tone and so comfortable. 
I'm giving it a go today at my matinee. Terry is filming me playing today for YouTube.  Can't wait. 
Thanks so much again.
Sun 11/16/2008 1:37 AM
It’s around 1:30 a.m. and I'm still playing it. I can't put it down...I played it today at my gig and it 
was wonderful. Thanks again.  

Put it through an acoustic amp and the PA. We filmed the show 
and I think you will hear some good picking. People went nuts over it too ...everybody was coming up and looking at it! 
Cheers and talk soon James

(Hear James play his new 000-cc on YouTube, click the links below:) 

Rez Abbasi
New York, NY

“Over the years, I’ve had a special relationship with steel string acoustic guitars. Trying them everywhere I would see them. Rarely, I would get the urge to throw down the cash to buy one, especially if it was a serious purchase. The day I arrived at the Mission Folk Festival, I did what I usually do when I see a guitar booth, try all the guitars. This time, however, to my surprise, I found myself stuck to the seat playing for 30 minutes. In a nut shell, I was so impressed with Tom Wray’s guitars, that I did something that is rare for me, purchase one on the spot. More significant is that two weeks prior, I had just bought a new acoustic but somehow, knew I had to have this Wray. His designs are unique, the woods are top quality and the necks and feel are incredible. I look forward to discovering the many tonal possibilities my Wray has to offer.

Here is a link to a Guitar Player interview with Rez after the release of his latest CD "Natural Selection" which he uses his Wray Mini Jumbo on two cuts...."When Light Falls" and "Ain't No Sunshine".

Click HERE to listen to a clip of "Ain't No Sunshine" (A Bill Withers tune)
Click HERE to listen to a clip of "When Light Falls"

That same guitar was used to record the title track of his previous CD... "Things to Come". 
Click HERE to listen to a clip.

Here is a link to a short review in Guitar Player when that CD was released:

Thomas Maness, PhD.
Dept. of Forest Resources Management
University of British Columbia
Senior Policy Analyst (until Sept. 2008)
US Forest Service R&D
Washington, DC

Several years ago I ordered a custom guitar from Tom Wray at Wray Guitars. I wanted a finger style guitar that looked great and sounded awesome. Tom came over with some pictures and design ideas and he asked me a lot of questions. We decided on curly maple with a spruce top. Some time later he sent me a cad drawing I really liked, and then he went to work. He sent me pictures of the guitar in production from time to time, and then eventually he delivered up a guitar that was simply amazing. The bass is warm, the treble bright and the sound is balanced. The guitar is a dream to play. And it looks awesome. I also own a Larrivee L-03 and Santa Cruz Vintage Jumbo so I am used to playing awesome guitars. But the guitar that Tom built for me is completely off the charts for the money I paid. The materials are top of the line, and the finish work is perfect. With the polished ebony fret board, headstock and trim the guitar stands out in a crowd. Everywhere I go people ask me about the guitar and ask to play it. I could not be happier with the result. Tom has also given me great service the last few years. He has fine tuned the action for me and added awesome sounding on board electronics. He added a button for my strap at no charge a year after I bought it, and returned the guitar polished. (And gave me a lecture about polishing it – but who has time for that?). Having known Tom for over 10 years I can also say a bit about the man. This man loves guitars and knows guitars. He could get a real job that pays a decent living, but he chooses to build guitars instead. He is also a nit-picking perfectionist, which can and will drive you nuts sometimes, but then he’s just the sort of guy you want building your axe.

Mr. Dale Shipley 
, Missouri

Hi Tom, I checked out the guitar and it is magnificent.  I'm really impressed by your skill. Everything 
fits together like it was born rather than made.  I haven't played it for very long yet, but I have a few observations.  First, the precision work is quite impressive, especially considering all of the odd curves and shapes.  The fret work is better than I expected.  Very smooth and playable.  I don't think you can get that fret work with a factory made guitar, except perhaps on some of the boutique manufacturers. The sound is very appealing.  It will probably develop quite a bit so it is hard to fully assess on an instrument so new, but it is quite promising.  A nice deep ringing tone, yet somehow delicate.  The notes are well separated and a very long sustain.  On a pick strum style the bass notes really last and come through.  At this stage in its life I think the guitar would be exceptional for vocal accompaniment, as it just seems to match a voice well and not be overpowering, but present and interesting. Appealing is probably the best word.  I'm a big fan of Gibson guitars and they are also well suited to accompanying a voice, so this guitar has that in common, but the tone is not like a Gibson.  Very unique which make it very appealing to me.  Lastly I'd mention that the intonation is excellent and the guitar is very playable.  Perhaps I should have added electronics, and that may happen at some point. I'll forward on some photos to the guy who sold us the Madagascar and follow up with you in perhaps a month or two to let you know how its getting along.  I'm just very pleased because only a hand made guitar could be like this and it is just what I had in mind, after I made up my mind.  I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for an exceptionally unique instrument.  I'll take good care of it.

Best Wishes, 
Dale Shipley

From: trent olver []
Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 2010 10:01 PM
To: Thomas Wray
Subject: RE: Trents' Beautiful Guitar

"I just played my Thomas Wray 000 custom contour at its first show. It felt fantastic, looked sexy and more importantly it sounded amazing. In my hands and through the system it was perfect. Every 
player in the room commented on how good it looked, how great it was to play and how balanced
and warm it sounded, unplugged and through the system.  It was like being out with your best girl/guy, and knowing everybody wants them, but you smile because they are coming home with you. This is what I thought after that show...Many more to come but now I feel armed...and privileged. Thanks Tom... will be in touch in the fall for "seasonal adjustments" and idle chatter. 
Be well,

Trent has just recorded an original song called "Too Too Long" and emailed it to me. 
Click HERE to listen to a clip.

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